Updated “Treshka” BMW revealed before the premiere

Updated “Treshka” BMW revealed before the premiere


BMW has had great success with the 3-Series, but as good as the car is, there is always room for improvement. This applies to style as well as technology, although there are some areas of the current G20 3 series that are perfect.

One area that is rarely overlooked when updating in the middle of a vehicle’s lifecycle is styling. Foreign media have managed to reveal the design of some of the new BMW bumpers thanks to recent patent applications filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and they look like they were intended for the updated 3-Series.

Previously leaked information helped us determine that the new 3-Series headlights will receive a slight redesign and get rid of the bends in a more traditional shape. The patent drawings suggest the same, but the rest of the bumper design is different. Two bumper designs were discovered, one of which was similar to the M Sport version and the other a simpler design that could have brightened the base models.

The latest spy shots of the 3-Series showed a heavily camouflaged front end, making it difficult to know which models bear the most resemblance to these new designs, but it looks like the new model will inherit some of the features of the new BMW 2-Series Coupe .

The new rear bumper design indicates that it is not intended for the M Sport model, as it has a full-width faux diffuser and no rear bumper vents like the current 3-Series models. Prototypes of the revamped 3-Series were spotted recently with a charging port on the fender, so one of these new bumper styles could be applied to a new hybrid or even an electric 3-Series.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the BMW Alpina XB7 2021 from the FineAuto team:

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