Updated Volkswagen camper California became more comfortable

Updated Volkswagen camper California became more comfortable

German automaker Volkswagen introduced an updated house on wheels California. The public debut of the novelty will take place at the end of the month at the motor show in düsseldorf.

The redesigned California adopted the traits of the “Multivan”, based on which built – externally it can be distinguished by new led head optics, upgraded fog lamps, and black trim that covers the entire width of the front bumper.

Inside, the changes are more: there are new buttons open a shell, plate and fridge, double USB connector, aluminum handles on the doors as well as sliding doors instead of blinds in the back closet. Specifications for Coast and Ocean available factory set of kitchen appliances and chairs are now upholstered in deeper color Palladium Grey.

According to the manufacturer, the beds are more comfortable than before, and even now the area can be transformed into a small living room. Upper part got the best sun protection thanks to a tighter canvas “walls,” but the bottom did the opposite feature “sunrise” – at the expense built into the roof lights can increase or decrease the brightness in the cabin to the desired level.


Overhaul and technical content now “California” is available with digital instrument panel and multimedia system featuring a 9.2-inch screen on the ceiling instead of the monochrome display multi-function color.

In furnishing the restyled Miltivan entered the Electromechanical power steering, as well as many assistants driver assistant hold in-band Lane Assist, side impact protection, Side Protection, teaching assistant compensation, crosswind, Cross Wind Assist and help when towing a trailer Trailer Assist.

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