Updated VW Arteon showed in the video

Updated VW Arteon showed in the video


In the video first demonstrated (albeit very sparingly) commercial sample updated liftback. Universal Volkswagen prefers to hide, although its appearance is no longer a secret thanks to the Chinese authorities – it is expected that in this country Arteon will be something like a SUV.

Obviously, significant changes in appearance “Arteon” not going to happen. It can be expected that the main innovation will be the new led optics, which, for example, the VW Golf will join a thin line across the grille. The interior is planned to Refine through a new multimedia system MIB3, and driving habits – through the integration of semi-Autonomous control system capable of operating at speeds up to 210 km/h.


It is also expected the emergence of the “charged” version with the letter R, but we still don’t know whether the brand icon “Arteon” in both body styles. It is also unknown how the engine will provide this version: the most logical option seems to be a two-liter turbo engine from the Golf R returns 333 HP Another power unit, which can take away from “Golf” is a combination of gasoline engine and electric motor, which Arteon will receive the designation of GTE.

Begin to remove the veil from the updated model Volkswagen is going tomorrow, June 24 at 11 a.m. Kyiv time. The premiere will be held in online.

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