Updated VW T-Cross with multimedia from Toyota Corolla

Updated VW T-Cross with multimedia from Toyota Corolla


Volkswagen has announced the launch of an updated T-Cross with new features in the equipment list, including the Taos digital dashboard and VWPlay center. But now the car can also get the Wings multimedia center as an accessory, exactly the same as that installed on the Toyota Corolla 2022.

The Wings multimedia center, which is only sold at Volkswagen dealerships, has a 10-inch screen that is, oddly enough, the same as the Toyota Corolla 2022. As with the Japanese sedan, Wings does not support mobile connectivity. device via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The system uses Android as the OS, which allows you to download applications through Google Play, which means that you can install the same applications that you use on your mobile device. For example, Google Maps, Waze or Spotify, but this is provided that it is the mobile device that “distributes” the Internet.

In the case of the T-Cross, Wings claims that the multimedia system is integrated with the SUV system, that is, in addition to accessing applications, you can control mirrors and wipers (available on some versions of the car).

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