Updated VW Tiguan, and why it’s so important?

Updated VW Tiguan, and why it’s so important?


The significance of this event – planned the restyling of the crossover – in Volkswagen chose to emphasize the tangible data: statistics of sales. It turned out that in 2019 it is the “Tiguan” became the most popular model of the company, even beating out Volkswagen Golf. Around the world were collected 910 926 instances of crossover, and the total circulation since the introduction of the model in 2007 exceeded $ 6 million.

The Tiguan is produced in Germany,, China, and Mexico. Crossover managed to survive a full generation change in 2016, and the current restyling will be for current models first. Given its popularity, Volkswagen, obviously, will do everything not to disappoint potential buyers. Therefore, in General, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the “face” of the crossover will be reinterpreted in the style of other modern models – not only Golf, but all terrain T-Roc and T-Cross.

However, while the Volkswagen prefer not to disclose all the details: for example, it is unknown how it will change the interior of the crossover. Given that it is just about due for an update, most likely, the manufacturer will focus on upgrading the on-Board electronics, not the architecture of the cabin. The VW has promised to provide “Tiguan” new, more productive multimedia system and the revised package of the driver’s assistants – up to the autopilot 2 levels.

Along with the new software and hardware crossover can get access to many online services – thanks to the ability to constantly stay “connected”. A pleasant consequence is likely to be the ability to update the software “over the air”.


And the only officially confirmed a change in the engine range – the emergence of new hybrid power-plant with the possibility of recharging the batteries from a household outlet. It is known that it will be from gasoline engine, electric motor and DSG, and electric a “Tiguan” will be able to travel up to 50 km, and Suggests the hypothesis that crossover adapt one option, already developed for “Golf” – for example, the 245-strong unit from the Golf GTE.

Judging by some hints, get a crossover and especially the new clean diesel returns with up to 150 HP, and gasoline turbo engine under the “mild” hybrid, and the output is closer to 2021 the ninth year the 330-strong Tiguan R can be considered a confirmed case.

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