Upgraded crossover Alpina XB7 is on the way

Upgraded crossover Alpina XB7 is on the way

On the race track spotted the prototype is heavily modified Bavarian crossover. Yet there has been no indication which version of the machine will present the tuning house from Germany – petrol or diesel.

In June of this year, the head of tuning company Alpina Andreas Bovensiepen told us that the heavily upgraded version of the full-size crossover BMW X7 is on the way. Already published photos where foreign journalists captured a prototype of the modified crossover pictures were taken at the company Alpina Booze, Germany. Now a new batch of spy shots shows that the team Alpina is at the nürburgring race track to test the upcoming XB7/XD7.

Most likely, Alpina X7 will appear somewhere in 2020, and its output in some car markets will happen a few months later.

The test machine is slightly camouflaged and equipped with a proprietary 20-inch mnogoseriynoe wheels Alpina. At the moment we can’t say diesel or petrol modification of the crossover in front of us, but we incline to the first, judging by the location of the exhaust pipes at the rear. In fact, the German company is likely working on two different versions of the car. And it makes a lot of sense and here’s why.

In Europe, lovers of big, powerful sports SUV and still prefer diesel engines, a 3.0-litre in-line diesel engine BMW offers “in stock” 394 horsepower (760 Nm) of torque. The power increase about 50 HP can make a modified Alpina XD7 the world’s most powerful production diesel SUV.

Alpina is also working on a X7 with a petrol V8 engine. A modified 4.4-liter Twin-Turbo V8 from BMW can develop the capacity of over 600 HP

Alpina is doing the right thing, including the X7 in the range?

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