Ural has introduced a new motorcycle with a drone – “Ural Air”

Ural has introduced a new motorcycle with a drone – “Ural Air”

Irbitsky motorcycle factory, motorcycle manufacturer Ural has introduced a new limited edition series of motorcycles with sidecars called “Ural Air”.

This timen sidecar motorcycle was first a drone “DJI Spark”. A special cavity, where the UAV is in front of the wheelchair and is opened by clicking the appropriate button. The controller of the drone is also on the Board of the Urals and mounted in a custom mount from “Ram Mount”. Thus, the passenger while in the wheelchair can perform the role of Navigator is to control the drone and to plot a route from a bird’s flight.

In the standard motorcycle “Ural air” is available in “AWD performance” drive the stroller. A bonus along with the drone is also attached to the selfie-stick and supplies a wind sock.

In the US the cost of a new motorcycle Ural Air is 18,000 dollars.

Results will be released 40 motorcycles Ural Air. Since the small edition on the official website of the manufacturer available to online reserve motorcycle, this would require prepayment of $ 500.

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