USA is a country of paradox LPG

USA is a country of paradox LPG

United States of America again surprised.

In 2019, the country has become No. 1 in the world in export of LPG (liquefied petroleumgas), that is, liquefied petroleum gas or propane-butane mixture. Over the past year, increasing sales abroad of propane at 84.1% and Bhutan at 58.6%.

LPG is widely used in many countries for heating homes and cooking, and as automotive fuel. The fuel is cleaner than conventional gasoline and diesel. USA have one of the largest fleets in the world and 1,000 inhabitants 810 machines.

Having a huge market for LPG as autofuel, the US is in last place in the world in terms of its application on vehicles. The share of LPG in the total number of autofuel does not exceed 0.1%.

The problem is that for motorists the price of propanebutane blend in US gasoline above 10%. Making economically completely impractical in its application. The reverse situation, for example, in Europe where the price level of LPG legally tied to the price of gasoline at 50% and the level of its use in avtosektor averages 1.5%, and in some countries up to 19%.

USA, being the country of the supplier LPG No. 1 for the world, has almost no LPG at its service stations.

The paradox of a shoemaker without shoes in action.

Author: Boris Evdokimov

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