Use emotions: “Borba” for Speedster 911 (991)

Use emotions: “Borba” for Speedster 911 (991)


Porsche 911 Speedster, who became the last representative of this generation, will receive from the auction with exceptionally good intentions.

Series 991 is considered currently the most successful in the history of the cult of the supercar: the total circulation of all sports cars of this generation have exceeded a quarter of a million. The last representative of the family, marking the conclusion of the proceedings, was the 911 Speedster, one of the party in 1 948 copies.

Picked this car back in December of last year, and sell until next week: apparently, another way the owner of the latest Porsche 911 of the seventh generation was not found. However, Porsche has come up with not only a good use of the funds that you plan to gain, but also a set bonus for the future buyer.


In addition to the joy of owning a unique car, he will receive a gift watches 911 Speedster Heritage Design and a book about the Assembly of the latest sports car, the 991-series with rare photos. Transfer machine the buyer will be part of a special event with the participation of top managers of the company, and after that, the owner of the sports car and even go on a tour.

He will be given the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Porsche and a ride on the test track in the company of Frank-Stefan Walliser and Andreas Pleninger – managers of Porsche 911 and GT, respectively. And all proceeds from the sale of the sports car, will be sent to one of the funds, which is responsible for combating coronavirus Covid-19.

Software trading deals the reputable auction house Sotheby’s RM, and they will be online in full compliance with current global trends.

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