Used tires from Germany: should I buy used tires from Europe?

Used tires from Germany: should I buy used tires from Europe?


Every car owner, regardless of what his car periodically faced with the need to change tires. With prolonged use they wear out, losing its performance characteristics, particularly adhesion with the road surface. Exploitation a car with such tires can lead to loss of controllability of the car and can lead to road accidents. Therefore, with a marked wear of a tire should be changed.

New and high quality rubber is always expensive. And if you will find cheaper options, the likelihood is high that it will not last you a long time. Online store of used tires “” offers an optimal solution that can satisfy the requests of owners and the price and reliability. We are talking about buying used tyres from Germany. What are the advantages of this solution and why it should apply to us?

The advantages of b/u tires from Germany

Buying used tyres from Germany, you get tires of excellent quality with substantial financial benefit. Today under the current legislation, in Europe it is forbidden to exploit the tyres with a tread depth of at least 4-6 mm, and in some countries tire change every time in the course of regular maintenance each year. In addition, in Europe, there are very strict norms for recycling these products. It is more profitable to sell high-quality tires at a bargain price than to send them for recycling.

Best European tyres with minimal wear our company offers the owners of Ukraine. Among the advantages of the products is to provide:

  • low cost: the price difference between the new tires in the Ukraine and used tyres from Germany is around 50-60%;
  • minimal deterioration even in conditions far from the ideal of Ukrainian roads, this tire will last more than one season;
  • high quality used tires from Germany – are the products of such brands as Michelin, Fulda, Continental, Kumho, GoodYear, Dunlop, Nokian, Hankoo etc.;
  • the opportunity to choose tires for summer and winter, and changesection model.

Want to get reliable tires at a low cost, then you are to us!

How to choose used tires from a directory?

Getting to the choice of tires must take into account a number of key parameters:

  1. seasonality: winter, summer, universal (year-round);
  2. design: radial, bias ply, RunFlat;
  3. tread pattern: symmetric-directed, symmetric, non-directional, asymmetrical;
  4. dimensions: seat diameter, width, height, (low profile, high profile);
  5. the load rating and maximum speed.

But even knowing all these options to pick the right tires isn’t always easy. The catalogue presents more than 10,000 positions and to study the characteristics of each position will be problematic. So we created a special form for automatic selection. Enter in the appropriate boxes desired the seasonality of the rubber, width, profile view, and bore diameter. Click on the button “find tires” and you will get a list of products that exactly meets your needs and compatible with your car. Then will only have to make the right choice and place an order.

If necessary, you can seek the assistance of consultants the online store. After a quick study of the request they will offer suitable options. Our company also offers the services of tire and seasonal storage of tires. During the execution of the works, customers will be able to relax in a special room with free WI-FI, Sony Playstation and a Cup of coffee.

To learn more about the features of cooperation can be by phone or through online correspondence.

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