Usedphoria: What did General Motors have in mind?

Usedphoria: What did General Motors have in mind?


General Motors has received an application to register a Usedphoria trade name. It is expected that under the new brand, the American concern will sell used cars.

We see all sorts of weird inventions from automakers, from unmanned police cars to sliding steering wheels. Sometimes names or phrases are included in patent documents.

Concern General Motors applied for the strange trademark usedphoria at the end of October. The application documentation specifically states that the sign is intended for “car dealerships selling used cars of all makes and models,” but that’s all it says. We can only assume that GM has some sort of long-term marketing plan to sell used cars in its dealership network, and whatever it is, we feel that usedphoria is going to be a buzzword.

One thing is for sure. Since the global shortage of semiconductors continues to seriously impede the production of new cars, dealerships are definitely not opposed to selling used cars.

With fewer new cars to choose from, the demand for used models is absolutely skyrocketing. Throughout the year, there have been plenty of stories of insane prices, from used cars selling for a higher price than new ones to dealers engaging in a war of betting on 20-year-old pickups. And with the chip shortage expected to continue into 2022, the used car market may not calm down anytime soon.

Of course, as with all patent and trademark applications, there is no guarantee that this particular phrase will ever see the light of day. Automakers regularly submit applications just to protect their ideas for possible future use.

Anyway, since the trademark filing is still in its early stages, don’t expect to hear this catchphrase (usedphoria) anytime soon, if ever.

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