Using coronavirus keys to the buyers of Geely now delivering drones

Using coronavirus keys to the buyers of Geely now delivering drones


Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 forced the Chinese company Geely to move to a fully contactless system of selling cars. Buyers can configure the online model, and the keys they will have quadcopters.

In early February, Geely has launched its own online platform for selling cars, through which you can choose your favorite model and its equipment, to familiarize yourself with the available financing programs and to order the delivery of the car to the house. Moreover, to minimize the interaction of people with each other, the keys to the new owner will take the quadcopter. While this service is available only in some provinces of China, but in the future may begin to work across the country.


According to Geely, since the launch of the online platform was used by 10 thousand people. Another 110 thousand declared readiness in the near future to remotely buy a car. In the fight against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 all of the cars before to go to the owner, disinfected, and the crossover Icon and is equipped with antibacterial cabin filter. Its development was part of the program to create a more advanced air cleaning systems and transition to the use of materials with antibacterial properties.

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