UzAuto Motors introduces a new unified platform for machines

UzAuto Motors introduces a new unified platform for machines


UzAuto Motors announced the start of a phased transition of management and production.

It is known that as part of this transformation, a transition to the assembly of models based on a common unified architecture was planned. On the basis of such a “cart”, a certain number of models will be produced at once, which will make it possible to optimize the volume of investments for projects in order to increase the level of localization and reduce all production costs. According to the published data, the first such cars will be the Chevrolet Onix and Tracker.

It should be noted that the planned installation and commissioning works required within the framework of this transformation will be carried out from July 15 to August 21. There is information that the program for the implementation of the new architecture also includes a transition to another car assembly system, modernization and adaptation of factories to the localization of auto components.

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