V8 at 600 forces: Toyota prepares new engine

V8 at 600 forces: Toyota prepares new engine


Japanese auto giant Toyota has developed a new powerful engine – we are talking about a twin-turbo V8. Back in 2020, she applied for a patent – now you can familiarize yourself with the characteristics. The volume of the power plant is 4.0 liters, and at peak moment it can produce 600 hp.

According to preliminary data, it will be installed on Lexus supercars – the LS and IS sedans can try on the novelty. It is possible that after such a development Lexus will resume work on the project of powerful LC cars.

However, some experts suggest that “charged” Toyota cars can also get a brand new engine under the hood. The Tundra pickup in the US market may become a pioneer – this will be done in order to compete with the “charged” RAM and Ford pickups.

Not so long ago there was information that the new Toyota Land Cruiser SUV may acquire a “charged” modification in the future – in this case, the new power unit will come in handy as never before.

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