V8 Supercar vs Plane Festival Sydney

V8 Supercar vs Plane Festival Sydney


One V8 supercar driven by Jamie Whincup. One racing airplane. Who will win? Well, the plane obviously, but in order to appease the crowd, the boys pit the V8 against something a little less likely to win – a 14 tonne digger driven by Captain Slow himself. But can Jamie do a complete lap of the track before James reaches the finish line?Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

what we have here is a v8 supercar driven by four-time champion Jamie Whincup ladies and gentlemen has come among us he’s here since they were both lined up side by side three two one go we decided it would be a brilliant idea for the plane in the car to race each other round the track I think we started this match with me already one mill down a race which as it turned out was utterly incomprehensible to the crowd where’s he going Oh and our commentary didn’t exactly clarify matters that time they’re on to the straight no I’m sorry no that’s not the straight yet is it that’s that Wiggly bit that I always forget the plane is having to drive around as best you can as he Wiggles around pointlessly eventually out of all this gibberish came a victory to the plane other plane is already here look oh damn it the plane ladies and gentlemen has through the car now the thing is Aziz don’t like seeing their v8 supercars being beaten so Shane then stepped in and insisted on another race and to be honest I got the feeling he was stacking the odds what we have at one end of the track is I am massive 14 tonne digger and behind the wheel of it is none other than captain slow himself James May everybody hello there James uber ask the question do you know how to drive de Pepe well how hard can it be there’s a few knobs but I think I’ve got em in the right position so I’m ready to be fair the car still had a challenge on its hand because once the flag dropped all I had to do was tremble then to the finish which was the white line some 600 meters along the straight Jamie however would have to do a full lap of the 2.8 kilometers circuit so here we go we’re gonna throw to the starter folks well we’ll win Komatsu for v8 in 3 2 1 go over off Jamie Whincup ladies and gentlemen almost let’s return one how are you going to think well I’m nudging thirty kilometres an hour Wow it may take the air since my spectacle was frankly pretty dreary the cameraman wisely concentrated on Jake James is the good news you know if we do have an accident are you thinking of cleaning it up yourself yeah absolutely I can even clear myself up in this the daya help odd it looks saying his paw me driving this Connecticut with his hand out the window oh it’s like being the Queen by now I’d covered an impressive half a kilometer and certain victory was just 100 meters away but then came a message from shane james of this current message from Jamie yeah stay left okok just beat baby yeah well ladies and gentlemen could it ever get better than that oh god we hope so ladies and gentlemen Sir James May continuing to be captain slow you

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