VAG, hang in there: against the group filed a new class action lawsuit


The claim concerns the so-called disilicate in 2015, it became known that the brand of understated indications of the level of harmful substances in exhaust gases of vehicles. Customers require to compensate. The total amount of payments exceed € 800 million.

At this point in the list of “deceived” customers listed from 250 to 262 thousand customers who are unable to sell their cars at proposed prices: due to the underreporting of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere from diesel engines, the market value of Volkswagen models fell sharply. The German company and the Federal Association of consumers agreed that all parties to a lawsuit must register by April 20.

By prior agreement, Volkswagen is obliged to pay compensation in the amount of 15 percent of the original purchase price. Tentatively it will be from 1350 to 6257 euros, depending on the type of vehicle and year of manufacture. In turn, the total amount of damages, the company estimates will be approximately 830 million euros. All payments will be made via a special electronic platform. But I disagree with the individual decision of the company will be able to sue individually. In this case, the trial could last until October 2020.


In addition, compensation will not be able to get customers who are not German citizens or who have purchased a vehicle after December 31, 2015. The German company wants to reach an agreement before the first hearing in Federal court, to be held on 5 may.

The latest allegations in the Volkswagen “Disilicate” began in the end of last year, when the headquarters of the German company was raided by the Prosecutor’s office. Investigators had seized documents relating to the development and testing of diesel engine with index EA288 in the process of exploitation which, according to German engineers, could cause environmental problems.

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