VAG increased its value by 30% with one promise

VAG increased its value by 30% with one promise


According to Bloomberg, the German concern Volkswagen AG is recognized as the most valuable public German company, whose shares rose by 29.5% to 309.4 euros during trading on the German XETRA stock exchange as of 15:24 on March 18, 2021.

Thus, the capitalization of the concern reached 140 billion euros, thanks to which Volkswagen AG was able to bypass the software manufacturer SAP SE, whose value fell to 127 billion euros.

It is noted that the rise in shares occurred against the backdrop of a change in the company’s plan, within which it plans to lead the global electric vehicle market by 2025. In addition, by 2030, sales of electric vehicles in Europe should account for up to 60% of the group’s total sales.

Although it is impossible to say in advance whether Volkswagen AG will be able to fulfill its plans, investors trust the automaker. It should be noted that in 2020 the concern was able to triple the sales of electric cars, and this year it is planned to sell up to 1 million units.

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