Valkyrie family replenishment

Valkyrie family replenishment


The 2017 Aston Martin Valkyrie hybrid hypercooper has a twin brother, the Spider, who debuted at the Elegance Contest in Pebble Beach, California. The roadster is limited to 85 units, in addition to 150 copies of the “just” Valkyrie and 40 copies of the AMR Pro. Deliveries to customers are slated for the second half of 2022 for both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles. The rookie has been hailed as the fastest and most extreme open-top Aston, with a V12 6.5 aspirated setup still producing 1155bhp.

The “Normal” Valkyrie (left) and the Spider are identical in design. However, the removable roof panel of the roadster forced a change in the design and fastening of the doors: the sash tilted forward, rather than straight up. At the same time, engineers re-tuned the chassis for “optimal performance”.

The lightweight carbon fiber roof (not shown in the photo at all) has two polycarbonate windows. You will have to install and remove it manually. Maintaining aerodynamics was of paramount importance, and the top speed reaches 330 km / h (with a roof 20 km / h higher).

Downforce at 240 km / h is estimated at 1400 kg. The difference in curb weight between the roadster (unknown) and the coupe (1030 kg) is considered “negligible”. The dimensions of the Valkyrie still do not know, it seems, even its creators. They are confused in the power, but they keep repeating about the “true experience of Formula 1”.

The manufacturer “forgot” to show the Spyder’s cab, saying only that the distance from the driver’s hips to heels is “inspirational little”, passengers are held by six-point belts, the rear-view camera system works in conjunction with parking sensors “in a circle”. The roadster’s price is likely to exceed £ 2.5m ($ 3.5m). Valhalla is several times cheaper.

Which Valkyrie would you prefer?

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