Van Lexus: only black or white, there is a separate office

Van Lexus: only black or white, there is a separate office


The Japanese premium brand has opened applications for luxury monocab with index LM. A choice of two versions, but both only with a hybrid setup.

Van Lexus LM debuted in April last year at the Shanghai motor show. China will become a major market for innovations, because there expensive MPVs are quite popular – these machines are easy to transform into a mobile office. Today, the local dealers of the brand started taking pre-orders for the LM, and start “living” sales is scheduled for Feb. According to preliminary data, the production model established in Japan.

LM is not developed from scratch, it is built based on Toyota Alphard. Outwardly from a donor, the novelty differs primarily design front: Lexus model got family grille, bumper and other matrix lights. The rear lights are retained Alphard, but now they are connected by a red and transparent inserts. Plus the body has become even more of chromium. The length LM is equal to 5040 mm, 65 mm more than the Toyota, the wheelbase has not changed – 3000 mm. by the Way, MPV Lexus provided only two exterior colors – black or white.

Within the same front panel as the Toyota minivan, but the steering wheel still installed another. Yes, the interior is either black or black and white. LM is available in seven – or quadruple versions. In the first case, the seats are built under the scheme 2+2+3 and the rear sofa consists of two “stacked” seats: it is unlikely that the occupant of a middle seat is comfortable, but it at least put your headrest.

However, the main bet in the Lexus doing it in four LM. This van inside mounted partition on top of a descending glass embedded below the TV. Second-row seats – electrically adjustable, massager and retractable footrests. Between the seats is the touch screen to control machine functions. In addition, in the passenger compartment of a refrigerator for a couple of bottles of wine or champagne.


The Chinese van is currently available only in the form of a hybrid LM 300h, installation he inherited from Alphard, it includes working on the Atkinson cycle “aspirated” 2.5 and two electric motors. The impact of its new products in the Lexus name, Toyota’s total capacity of 197 HP And LM retuned suspension – it replaced the dampers.

Meanwhile, earlier premium brand has registered the name LM 350 – that is, in the future, the van will likely appear toyotascion version with petrol engine V6 capacity of 3.5 301 HP

Price seven-seat Lexus LM 300h – 1 166 000 yuan, equivalent to about $169 500 on the current exchange rate. Quadruple van will cost 1 466 000 yuan ($213100). For comparison, the hybrid three-row Toyota Alphard is from 800 to 500 yuan ($116 400), price Mercedes V-Class with a 211-horsepower gasoline engine starts with 471 800 yuan ($68 600), well, the 260-horsepower luxury Buick GL8 Avenir is from 449 900 yuan (us$65 400).

Later van Lexus needs to reach many other Asian countries, but in other regions, its occurrence is unlikely.

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