Vantas: new brand Chery to USA and Canada

Vantas: new brand Chery to USA and Canada


Chinese company Chery and an American holding HAAH Automotive is set to launch in the US and Canada several models of Exeed. In these markets the cars will be sold under the brand name Vantas.

The first model under this brand will Exeed TXL, which will compete with the Honda Passport and the Nissan Murano. Then in sale Exeed VX, and the production of both crossovers are planned in the USA. In the first phase it will screwdriver Assembly, and more than half of the components will be shipped from China. In HAAH Automotive did not elaborate on what the plant will adjust production machines and also do not call time. According to preliminary data, Vantas local Assembly will appear at dealers not earlier than 2021.


In China Exeed TXL is available with a 194-horsepower four-cylinder engine and seven-speed transmission with double clutch. Passport and Murano, which are comparable to the Chinese car’s dimensions, available with V6 engines with power up to 250 horsepower.

Under the Exeed sub-brand created by Chery, available premium car.

Can Exeed TXL be a replacement for the Honda Passport and the Nissan Murano?

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