“Varti” and “Innovators” passed the viprobe on viyni

“Varti” and “Innovators” passed the viprobe on viyni


Armored vehicles of the company “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles” for the two new phases of the war against repeatedly consumed a lot of shelling. When a Skoda was inflicted on an armored car, the crew was left alive.

About tse povodlyaє Militarniy z s silannym on іnformatsiyu given by the company and dannymi z vіdkritikh dzherel.

So, for example:

  • On the 25th of February 2022, the car, which was the first transmission of the Kiev Terodefense, received ammunition. The entire crew is on the vtsіlіv, the car at once changes to new ones.
  • On June 5 near Gostomel came under fire from the “Varta” of the Special Operations Forces. Armored glass showed off everything.
  • 4th of March near Chernihiv “Varta” broke at one o’clock. However, there were no losses among the crew.
  • March 7, 2022, fired on an armored car “Novator”, which belongs to the National Guard of Ukraine. Break through the radiator. However, the whole car will be renewed, it seems from the company.
  • 8 March near Volnovakhoy “Novator” ran into an anti-tank mine. When there is a need for a car, the life of the crew is safe.

On the first day of then invasion, “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles” handed over to the Territorial Defense Forces its equipment, as well as products that at that time were prepared for export contracts.

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