“Vegan diet” – save Mastowski DVS

“Vegan diet” – save Mastowski DVS


Japanese company is looking for ways to make traditional motors are carbon-neutral.

Many governments have already announced that they are going in a relatively short time prohibit use of internal combustion engines – both gasoline and diesel. But Mazda is confident in the potential of the engines and are going to extend their lives with the help of algae.

Firm announced the support of several research projects that develop new types of biofuels and algae, according to researchers, can be a good source of energy. The main advantage of this fuel is its neutrality from the point of view of air pollution: the combustion of biofuels in the atmosphere gets only carbon dioxide, algae removed from there shortly before.


But, from the point of view of Mazda, not the only advantage. Algae unpretentious, and therefore they can be grown on land unsuitable for other types of agriculture. Besides, they are undemanding to the quality of water in their watering will not have to waste precious fresh water. Finally, the fuel is algae-based biodegradable and is not harmful to the environment in the event of a spill.

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But still, work is underway on the creation of cheap technologies for processing algae, which should make the idea meaningful from a commercial point of view. And that is why Mazda has announced its intention to support research in this direction conducted by the University of Hiroshima and the Tokyo Institute of technology. The company believes that to completely abandon the internal combustion engine will not work until at least 2030, but this does not mean that the struggle for the reduction of harmful emissions does not make sense.

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