Ventilators on 3D printers Mercedes-Benz

Ventilators on 3D printers Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz will give healthcare organizations access to industrial 3D printers to help with printing necessary components of the equipment required for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection COVID-19. The company will provide comprehensive assistance referred to it firms and promises to dedicate to new tasks all their power.

“With our competencies and experience we are ready to help with the production of medical equipment, – says the decision of the member of the management Board of Mercedes-Benz AG jörg Burner – We are already discussing various options with the authorities of the Federal state of Baden-württemberg and waiting for inquiries from companies engaged in the medical technology sector.”

Every year Mercedes-Benz produces 150 000 3D-printed parts made of plastic and metal, and all this power company is ready to release for production of medical equipment.


Earlier in the pandemic COVID-19 suggested McLaren. British supercar manufacturer will be engaged in the design of artificial lung ventilation (ALV), and will try to simplify their design, which is several times increases the volume. Firm Airbus also stated that it is willing to offer its Assembly plants and 3D printers for the production of devices IVL. The initiative to sit down Nissan, Bosch and other companies.

In addition, the owner of Ferrari and FCA, the holding company Exor has pledged 10 million euros to fight the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the purchase of 150 medical ventilators for medical institutions of Italy. Rolling and firm Leasys owned by the Bank, the FCA, has given to the Italian red cross and Italian non-profit volunteer Association ANPAS free access to a private car Park and five biotolerance ambulances on the basis of the Ducato van.

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