“Very nice, king!”: all details about new S-Class

“Very nice, king!”: all details about new S-Class


The flagship sedan will be less pathetic, get a dozen displays, intelligent suspension and the driven rear wheels. And he will retain a V12 engine

Immediately after a number of leaks with images of the sedan Mercedes-Benz S-Class ‘ company, Daimler created its own. In the movie, on the restart after the German plant quarantine, in the end is almost cleared from the camouflage car, the official premiere is scheduled in the coming months.

It is made in masks and gloves

It seems that the new S-Class will be the first new car that made people in masks and gloves. Daimler re-starts the plant in Sindelfingen and shows how it is now that there are working people in face masks and proper social distance.

“It security requirements, and we will all now have to live with it,” explains the new brand head Ola Kallenius, conducting a small tour at the running plant.

“We will not abandon the development of our model range and will soon introduce something new. For example,” – concludes Kallenius, showing the new S-Class’, partially hidden under the camouflage.


This means that the production of the sedan got everything ready and to do his will in Sindelfingen. Premiere of the car will take place in the coming months, while sales in Europe will begin before the end of the year, and it is possible that both will occur in an online format.

It is very similar to the updated E-Class’

Last year’s Frankfurt concept Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS hinted at an extremely revolutionary appearance in the style of the new biodesign, but the reality was more prosaic. The ideas of EQS will go to the next electrotechno, and serial S-Class ‘ was quite traditional and even conservative brand with classic proportions and familiar optics. Headlights with the checkmark led bars and almost triangular lights in a Bavarian style we’ve seen on the updated E-Class.

The radiator grille has become almost vertical, has increased in size and slightly changed form. Side are quieter, disappeared podshtampovki under the door handle. Retractable handle themselves now, as, for example, Jaguar and Land Rover. In the rear bumper remained symmetrical cutouts for the exhaust pipes, but, as usual, are fake, the real exhaust in Europe has long been withdrawn under the bumper. Overall, the new S-Class ‘ looks a lot calmer and quite corresponds to the General trend of non-excessive brutality and unnecessary frills.

It will have a minimalist interior

Two years ago, the Director of interior design at Mercedes-Benz Hartmut Sinkewitz hinted that the new S-Class borrows the idea of the interior of the concept Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept, but in reality it was not so. Spy shots prove that the flagman brand new interior, designed in a minimalist techno style. The car in the pictures panel is trimmed with dark varnish, but the series will certainly be plenty of other options psevdoderevo or aluminum.

Ostentation seems to be out of fashion even in this segment. In front of the driver and front passenger will now be a long empty bar with ten baffles ventilation, two large displays, shestoperovi the wheel of the E-Class and the dark window of a giant projection display. The interior really comes to life only after starting the engine, when you turn all the screens and diodes ambient lighting. And in the salon, almost no physical buttons, because all the management is entrusted to the sensory systems.

The media system will be a tablet

The now familiar complex MBUX completely changed the format. The new S-Class also appeared flat display devices with a diagonal of 12.3 inches, but the screen media system became larger, turned 90 degrees and slid the tablet to the console, as was done on last year’s concept Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS. When enabled, this display is visually divided into two parts, which are responsible for display functions and settings of the climate control system.

A couple of screens-tablets relies rear passengers and climate control on the second row provides the touch thingy on the tide of the Central tunnel. Small displays will appear even in doors as a secondary display for adjustment of seats, but the traditional keys in the form of chairs will remain in their places. Another traditional control – “puck” light control, which is now on the panel of the driver’s door.


The sedan will be rear wheel driven

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class, of course, kept the classic layout. The car was built on the older modular platform MRA II, this means that the sedan not only got the adaptive suspension with the gas strut, but polnopravnym chassis with pivoting rear wheels for improved maneuverability. And the suspension is able to change the settings as according to the navigation system, and according to the optical cameras that scan the road in front of the car.

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It is clear that the S-Class will receive a full set of driver’s assistants, but the company has spoken about the autopilot of the third level. This means that the car can drive on the highway under the supervision of the driver and to make simple maneuvers, and emergency – braking and avoid obstacles. But the full control is it is not – the wheel will still have to hold hands.

The engines of the S-Class will be hybrid

The biggest mystery is still the engine range, which the Germans carefully cherish. At the end of last year, Daimler announced the termination of works on development of new internal combustion engines, but the company already has a set of row units with six cylinders, which were developed specifically for the new S-Class and E-Class. They all have technology mild hybrid with an additional starter-generator energy-recovery system. On this hint, and icon EQ-Power on the tachometer of the car, caught in the lens of photospies.

The V8 engines in the range will remain – at least on the AMG versions. But the biggest news concerns the Assembly of the V12 for top-end versions. Ola Kallenius confirmed that the V12 will be on the new S-Class, however, did not specify whether it concerns only version of the Maybach or all variants of the sedan. Most likely, it will be the same 6-liter engine capacity of about 600 HP, adapted to relevant environmental standards.

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