Very rare Alpina B12 at the price of the new KIA

Very rare Alpina B12 at the price of the new KIA


A rare 1998 Alpina B12 5.7, built on the basis of a BMW 7 Series in the back of an E38, was put up for auction at RM Sotheby’s online auction. The current bid is $ 33,000, with two days left until the end of trading.

The Alpina B12 5.7 model was produced on the basis of the standard and elongated “sevens”. A total of 202 cars were made, but only 59 of the “long” variants, like the copy put up for sale, were assembled.

As the model name suggests, there is a 5.7-liter V12 engine under the hood. That’s 0.7 liters more than the original BMW. The power of such a unit is 387 hp. and 560 Nm of torque (plus 61 hp and 60 Nm to the standard model). According to the developer, acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h takes 6.4 seconds for such a sedan, the maximum speed reaches 280 km / h.

The motor is combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission, which was also modified in Alpina – the engineers implemented the Switch-Tronic system, that is, the ability to manually control the gearbox using the buttons on the steering wheel. In addition, the sedan received a modified suspension and reinforced brakes, as well as all the options for the top-end BMW equipment of the time.

The Alpina B12 5.7 for sale is in decent condition, the 23-year-old sedan has a mileage of 88.5 thousand kilometers.

The projected cost of the car is between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000, although the owner is willing to sell it for $ 32,000. At the moment, bids have reached $ 33,000, trading will last until August 4.

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