Very spectacular Koenigsegg Jesko

Very spectacular Koenigsegg Jesko


Only 125 of these machines will be built, including the high-speed version of Absolut, and they are all sold out long ago.

The Swedish company Koenigsegg has finally started production of its new Jesko megacar. Their cars will be delivered to the first buyers only in the spring of 2022, but for now they showed us a pre-production prototype.

It is painted in a bright orange shade Tang Orange Pearl with silver and carbon accents. This color scheme is a reference to the early CCR model, released in 2004-2006 in the amount of 14 pieces. The Jesko cabin, in the same shades, features a racing-style SmartCluster dashboard and a SmartCenter touchscreen.

In total, 125 customer copies of the Koenigsegg Jesko will be built – this is the largest circulation in the history of the brand, and the company sold most of it even before the premiere of the model, which took place in Geneva in the spring of 2019, and the remaining cars were snapped up in just five days. This number includes the Jesko Absolut modification, declassified a year later, with a different aerodynamic body kit, a stretched rear section and a retuned suspension.

Both versions of “Yesco” are equipped with a five-liter V8, which produces up to 1625 hp. (subject to the use of E85 biofuel) and the original robotic nine-speed gearbox, which very quickly changes gears, independently choosing the one that will provide maximum acceleration. Jesko Absolut is a contender for the world record for the highest speed among production cars, but the race, which should officially confirm this status, is still ahead.

Prices for the Koenigsegg Jesko started at $ 2.85 million, while with all the options available, a megacar can cost under $ 4 million. For example, the bare carbon body alone requires a surcharge of $ 443,400.

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