Very strange BMW patent

Very strange BMW patent


BMW has patented images of two custom rear door designs. According to the figures, the configurations of the mechanisms provide for the presence of a hydraulic or electric drive, as well as a swing version of the doors, which will open together with the rear part of the car roof. Both options will provide a comfortable fit for passengers in the second and third row of seats.

In the sketches presented, the company showed an SUV, in the profile of which there is nothing unusual. However, when looking at the car from above, you can see that the familiar tailgate, through which you can access the second and third rows of seats, opens along with part of the roof. The latter swings open like a “gull wing”. Another patent provides for the presence of a hydraulic or electric mechanism in the ceiling, which, when the rear doors are opened, will automatically move the roof sides towards the center.

In both cases, the new doors will provide passengers in the two rear rows with additional convenience when getting into the cabin. At the same time, innovative mechanisms will be even more useful in cars with a low ceiling than in crossovers and SUVs with an initially high seating position. Such configurations will require engineers to install additional elements that are likely to increase the total weight of the vehicles.

At the moment it is not known whether the Bavarian brand is going to equip its production models with sliding and lifting mechanisms. To date, only the hybrid BMW i8 is equipped with a similar door configuration.

In October last year, GM Design’s Instagram account presented images of an SUV resembling an Escalade in size. The main feature of the virtual project is the hinged trunk doors.

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