Video: crash test broke 4 new industry

Video: crash test broke 4 new industry


European organization Euro NCAP tested the safety of the BMW 3-Series, BMW 1-Series, Peugeot 208 and Jeep Cherokee.

The independent European Committee Euro NCAP has tested four new products the global automotive industry: BMW 3 Series, BMW 1-Series, Peugeot 208 and Jeep Cherokee. According to the results of crash tests of two vehicles involved in the trials were able to get five stars security.


So, praise the “Troika” BMW. The safety of the driver and adult passengers 3-Series was estimated at 97%, children — 87%, pedestrians — in 87%, and the electronic auxiliary systems — 76%. The car is almost flawlessly passed all kinds of crash tests, including side impact with the pole.

The only thing noted by experts is slight risk of injury to the thorax for driver and front passenger in a frontal collision. For pedestrians, the most dangerous are the side-pillar of the vehicle. The experts also awarded the lowest rating the system keep the vehicle in the lane, but the rest of the security system received a positive evaluation.

Also the highest possible rating — five stars — received a hatchback BMW 1-Series third generation. New “penny” for the security of adults had received 83% of children — 87%, other road users — 76%, and the electronic “helpers” put 72%. In a frontal collision there is a high risk of injury of thorax in front of the passenger. In addition, when the rear shock is poorly protected rear neck of the passenger. Experts noted the good work of almost all the auxiliary systems, only the efficiency of the system the lane-keeping assist, as in the case of the 3-Series, the experts called criticism.

The Peugeot 208 for the security of adults had received 91% of children 96%, pedestrians — 56%, and for electronic systems earned 71%. The car was successfully held in almost all crash tests, but experts have found the chance of injury to the chest of the driver in a frontal collision with a deformable obstacle and the side kick. Rear impact neck injury risk to a passenger in the back seat. As a result, four stars from Euro NCAP.

The only SUV that participated in the tests (Jeep Cherokee), also received a total of four stars in the rating. This assessment influenced the probability of neck injury from all the passengers in rear impacts. In a side collision with an obstacle there is a high probability of chest injuries from the driver. In the end, the protection of adult experts assessed the SUV is 80%. For the protection of child passengers in the car received 78% of the maximum possible number of points. Electronic security systems Euro NCAP was estimated at 69%. Pedestrian safety is 56%.


From January 2016 entered into force an updated version of the methodology test Euro NCAP. In addition to the standard strokes on the deformable barrier, it involves tests of system to prevent collisions with pedestrians. The car accelerates to 40 km/h, after which it needs to detect on the carriageway dummy and to reduce speed or to stop.

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