Video from the failed crash test of the new Logan and Sandero Stepway

Video from the failed crash test of the new Logan and Sandero Stepway


Euro NCAP has published a video of the new generation Dacia / Renault Logan and Sandero Stepway crash tests conducted on the eve of the crash tests. Both vehicles received identical unsatisfactory safety ratings.

During the Euro NCAP crash tests, the new Logan and Sandero Stepway experienced a direct frontal impact, as well as a collision with a moving cart at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. In addition, the vehicles were tested for the rigidity of the side body structure during side collisions with a moving barrier with 50% overlap, as well as when hitting a pole.

According to the test results, both cars received identical results. Experts rated the safety of adult passengers at 70 percent. Children were 72 percent protected. Electronic systems of models are able to protect in an emergency 42 percent of cases, while for pedestrians Logan and Sandero Stepway of the new generation will be safe only 41 percent.

On the eve of the organization Euro NCAP shared preliminary data on the safety of the new Renault Logan and Sandero Stepway. Experts noted the modest equipping of foreign cars with safety technologies, calling them the term “no frills”.

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