Video: how to build a full-size Volvo V70 from the Lego constructor

Video: how to build a full-size Volvo V70 from the Lego constructor


21-year-old Lego fan David Gustafsson from Sweden became famous on local TV back in 2020 when he won the Lego Masters show. As a prize, he received a set of 370 thousand cubes with a total weight of 1.2 tons, from which the young man decided to assemble a full-size Volvo V70. The original video with the assembly of the car appeared on a few months ago, but the video became viral only now, after the story on the SVT channel, which aired on August 6. At the time of this writing, the video has been watched over 110.9 thousand times.

The project to create a V70 from Lego has not yet been completed, but there is already a home-made frame made of a square tube, on which the skeleton of the future car is built, full-fledged wheels and a real steering rack with a cardan. David will do the rest with Lego. According to the plan, an electric motor will be installed on the rear axle, but Gustafsson has not yet revealed its characteristics, as well as the range on one battery charge.

Currently, Gustafsson works in his own studio in the city of Bunkerid and makes money by creating Lego structures for companies. He plans to finish building the V70 within a year, after which he will tour Sweden or even Europe.

The Lego company itself develops full-size car models. One recent example is the 400,000-part Lamborghini Sian. 15 specialists worked on its creation, who spent 8660 hours on the assembly.

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