Video: Iconic Toyota Celica and Supra battle in drag with GR Yaris

Video: Iconic Toyota Celica and Supra battle in drag with GR Yaris


British YouTube channel carwow organized a drag race between the iconic Toyota Celica GT-Four and Supra A80 of the second half of the 1990s and the new three-door Toyota GR Yaris. Traditionally, competitions included quarter-mile drag, parallel starts at 50 mph (80 kilometers per hour), and the final test was to assess the effectiveness of the brakes at 70 mph (113 kilometers per hour).

Toyota GR Yaris is a road version of the eponymous rally hot hatch for WRC racing. The three-door has a permanent all-wheel drive GR-Four, under the hood is a three-cylinder 272-horsepower (360 Nm) 1.6 turbo engine, a 6-speed manual transmission. The “charged” Yaris weighs only 1280 kilograms.

In 1994, the Toyota Celica GT-Four was also conceived as a road special version of a rally car. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter 252-horsepower (304 Nm) 3S-GTE turbo engine, a 5-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive. The curb weight of the Celica GT-Four is 1390 kilograms.

The fourth generation Toyota Supra A80 weighs another 100 kilograms more. The coupe has rear-wheel drive, the traction is transmitted through a 4-speed “automatic”. Under the hood, the 2JZ-GTE is a 3.0-liter “turbo-six” with 330 horsepower and 441 Nm of torque.

Despite the outdated automatic transmissions, the iconic Toyota of the mid-1990s proved to be worthy in races on a straight line: the GR Yaris hot hatch failed to win all races. The competition between the Supra A80 and the new Supra A90 with BMW filling turned out to be no less interesting.

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