Video: MMA fighter clumped a thief trying to steal his car

Video: MMA fighter clumped a thief trying to steal his car


The stocky man simply grabbed the loser out of the car and threw it away like a bag of trash. And this is far from the worst thing Jordan Williams could have done to the thief.

As the professional wrestler Mr. T said in his show, “I’m sorry for the fool.” Pity the fool who tries to steal the car from an MMA fighter in front of his eyes, because it can only have one result: he will be badly beaten.

This is exactly what happened last week at a gas station in Denver, when an unknown assailant tried to take over the car of Jordan Williams, a 30-year-old mixed martial arts fighter who now works for the UFC middleweight division. On the occasion of signing with the UFC in November 2020, Williams bought himself a brand new Honda Civic.

The car, obviously, was chosen by the attacker, who decided to take possession of the car while Williams went to the checkout of the gas station. The athlete did not turn off the engine, as he hoped to return quickly. He says that he did this all the time, because he thought that without an electronic key-tag in the car, she would not go anywhere.

“I learned my lesson, I hope that person too,” Jordan wrote on his Instagram.

When the owner left the building, his car was just moving in reverse from the refueling station. Jordan quickly ran to the car, opened the door and literally ripped out the intruder from behind the wheel. Running away, he held on to his head – obviously, he managed to get acquainted with Jordan’s brick fists and steel knees, which pushed his way into professional fighting sports. This is not audible on the tape, but Jordan says the attacker shouted “sorry” several times as he ran away.

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