Video record: 402 meters in 3.22 seconds

Video record: 402 meters in 3.22 seconds


A valuable video for drag racing fans has appeared on the web. Although the video is old, it still demonstrates an unsurpassed achievement: the quarter-mile distance (402 meters) covered by racer Sammy Miller in a phenomenal 3.22 seconds.

The race took place at the Zandvoort track in the Netherlands, and a 28,000 horsepower car was used as a vehicle! At the finish line, the car was able to accelerate to an unimaginable 647 km / h.

Interestingly, the achievement for some reason was not officially registered, and for what reason, it is unknown. However, Miller is still the record holder, in particular, his worst result (3.58 seconds), which he showed in 1984, was recorded. Until now, no vehicle can surpass these numbers.

Of course, the current supercars and hypercars can boast of acceleration from zero to hundred in three seconds, but it’s extremely difficult to show even ten seconds at a quarter mile. However, some brands, such as Tesla, may compete for the title of “king of drag” in the future. For example, Elon Musk himself promised a jet “Roadster” almost a second acceleration to 100 km / h. The SSC Tuatara hypercar, which is still trying to prove that it is the fastest car on the planet and allegedly reaches the maximum 500-odd kilometers per hour, can prevent it.

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