Video: Toyota Supra extreme jump

Video: Toyota Supra extreme jump


Representatives of the Papadakis Racing team published a six-minute video in which the Toyota Supra made an extreme jump using a springboard. As a “pillow”, the specialists built a huge layer of cardboard boxes, which, according to their idea, was supposed to soften the landing. However, the sports car could not be completely avoided.

According to the plot of the commercial titled “The Pitch” (translated as “throw”), the sports specialists from Gazoo Racing are discussing with customers various options for demonstrating the merits of the new Toyota Supra in video ads. Experts note the drifting capabilities of a sports car, but in their opinion, this is not enough to impress modern buyers. Then extreme people decide to jump onto the coupe using a springboard.

To carry out the stunt, the engineers built a special ramp, with the help of which Toyota soared into the air and flew about 30 meters. Moreover, a standard modification of a sports car, equipped with a 340-strong “six”, took part in the filming. The only improvements were the installation of an additional frame and multi-point seat belts for the driver. In addition, in order to stabilize the Supra in flight, a ballast was put in the trunk of the sports car, which would not allow the coupe to be sniffed.

To soften the blow, extreme sportsmen built a whole array of cardboard boxes, which were placed horizontally. During the landing, the sports car received serious damage to the rear suspension and was only able to leave the territory with the help of a tow truck. However, the cardboard “pillow” still saved the compartment from irreparable consequences. It may even be possible to restore Supra.

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