Video: two Fiat models received zero stars in crash tests

Video: two Fiat models received zero stars in crash tests


Specialists of the independent association Latin NCAP conducted another series of crash tests, during which they checked the safety of Fiat Argo and Cronos. The hatchback and sedan, which debuted in the Latin American market in 2017, earned zero ratings for being highly unsafe vehicles. Moreover, both models showed the worst pedestrian protection since the beginning of the assessment of this indicator.

In the course of crash tests, experts checked the strength of model structures during frontal and side impacts. In addition, the experts investigated possible injuries to passengers, as well as the protection of pedestrians during a collision. The Fiat Argo and Cronos have shown severe deformation during frontal impacts, as well as terrible occupant protection, in tests.

In the basic configuration of both models, there are no electronic stability control systems, as well as automatic and emergency braking systems. In addition, cars lack side airbags and passive protection technologies are at an extremely low level. All these indicators allowed Latin NCAP specialists to give Fiat Argo and Cronos zero points in the safety rating. In addition, cars have shown the lowest level of pedestrian protection since the organization began tracking this indicator in 2020.

In early November, the Latin NCAP association conducted safety tests on the Suzuki Baleno hatchback. During crash tests, the model demonstrated the vulnerability of the driver and passengers during collisions.

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