Vietnamese ‘BMW’ dislikes criticism

Vietnamese ‘BMW’ dislikes criticism


In Vietnam, the local automaker VinFast complained to the police on a YouTube blogger who criticized its products in a video.

The blogger on whom the policemen were “set” is called Tran Van Hoang, in one of his stories he complained about the low quality of the VinFast Lux A2.0 sedan, built, by the way, on a licensed platform BMW 5- Series F10 (produced from 2010 to 2017).

The owner of the channel with 455,000 subscribers reproached the manufacturer for the flaws in the assembly of the purchased sedan. However, instead of responding in detail to the claims or apologizing and correcting the shortcomings, VinFast began to threaten the blogger – and he voluntarily removed the video about Lux 2.0. But even such an outcome did not suit the automaker – VinFast wrote a statement against the YouTube police. Moreover, the lawyers of the firm attached a copy of the deleted video to their appeal – they demand retribution for the harm caused to the company’s reputation, writes Reuters. It is not specified whether the blogger will be tried for libel and what he faces for it.

Founded by the tycoon Pham Nhat Vuong, the company is going to enter the American market, and the possibility of the appearance of VinFast machines in Europe is not excluded. The company’s lawyers say that they did the right thing in the conflict with the blogger and are ready to attack in the same way for criticizing VinFast cars, even in the USA:

If this incident occurs while operating in the United States, we will also file a request with the authorities in accordance with local laws to protect our legal rights.

The blogger himself declined to comment.

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