Vietnamese BMW went to conquer Europe and America

Vietnamese BMW went to conquer Europe and America


National Vietnamese automaker Vinfast announced that it has launched a project to expand into North America and the European Union – the company began by opening local offices in these regions.

Representative offices of the Vietnamese company were simultaneously established in the USA, Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands. In the near future – the opening of a showroom in California. Next, the creation of local distribution companies will begin.

Now Vinfast cars are sold only in the market of Vietnam and neighboring countries. Last year, the company sold 30,000 cars in its home country. While the model line of the manufacturer consists of a front-wheel drive subcompact hatchback Fadil (a licensed copy of the Opel Karl hatchback), a rear-wheel drive sedan Lux A2.0 (based on the BMW F10) and an all-wheel drive crossover Lux SA2.0 (based on the BMW X5 F15), all these cars are equipped with gasoline motors. Next year, the VF e34 and VF e36 crossovers with a purely electric installation will replenish the product portfolio (their prototypes were shown in 2020).

In 2022, Vinfast plans to produce from 15 to 56 thousand electric vehicles, depending on the situation on the semiconductor market (while they remain in short supply).

The company intends to sell electric cars online, that is, without the intermediary of dealers. Commercial samples of battery cars will be released in March 2022.

The Vinfast company was founded in 2017, its investor is the diversified corporation Vingroup, the main activity of which is construction.

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