Vietnamese VinFast showed a competitor Tesla Model X

Vietnamese VinFast showed a competitor Tesla Model X


The Vietnamese company VinFast has introduced a new flagship model designed specifically for the European and American markets. This is a large electric crossover VF e36 that can compete with the Tesla Model X.

The public premiere of the car will take place in the coming days at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The flagship crossover with a length of 5.12 m with a three-row cabin is comparable in size to, for example, the BMW X7. The design of the VF e36 was carried out by the specialists of the Italian body shop Pininfarina, which had previously worked on the appearance of the previous cars of the Vietnamese brand.

No pictures of the interior yet, however, as expected, the number of analog buttons and physical switches inside will be minimized. Most of the vehicle’s functions will be controlled by the large 15.4-inch display on the infotainment complex.

According to preliminary data, the VF e36 will be equipped with two electric motors (one on each of the axles), which in total will develop 408 horsepower. A set of 106 kWh batteries will allow you to travel up to 560 km without recharging.

VinFast was founded in 2017 by Pham Nyat Vyong, the first Vietnamese dollar billionaire. The entrepreneur was educated in Moscow in the early 90s, and then he was engaged in the production of instant noodles “Mivina” in Ukraine. Subsequently, this brand was bought by Nestle for $ 150 million.

In the summer of 2021, the VinFast board of directors was chaired by ex-President of Opel Michael Loscheller. The German specialist and his team are tasked with transforming VinFast into a global company with a priority on the development of electric vehicles that will be sold in Asia, Europe and North America.

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