VinFast’s ambitious plans

VinFast’s ambitious plans


In the spring of 2022, the VinFast brand promises to enter the markets of North America and Europe. The company claims that it has already opened offices in France, Germany and the Netherlands, but this is not enough to conquer the EU. Vice President Emil Hendriksen told Reuters that in 2023, Winfast branches will appear in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. There will be only electric cars, whose characteristics the brand will unveil in October at the VinFast EV Day event.

The design of a compact, very similar to VinFast VF e35, was recently patented at the FIPS Institute for the protection of intellectual property. This does not mean that the model will be sold with us. However, the SUV is petrol: there is a radiator grille, but no charging ports on the fenders.

The outlet pipes are not visible in the patent drawings. On the right is the interior of the VF e35 electric car with a 15-inch “TV”, color head-up display and push-button selector. Next to the latter on the console there is an emergency gang, a volume knob and, it seems, a glass lock button.

Initially, VinFast planned to sell 56,000 electric vehicles in the first year of overseas expansion, but the global shortage of semiconductors forced the Vietnamese to moderate their ambitions to 15,000 units. There is still no clarity regarding public offerings (IPOs) in the US and EU. Meanwhile, Vingroup has begun to defend its intellectual property in Indonesia and, where it appears to have decided to sell ICE models.

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