Vintage “Caddy” forgot in the Parking lot for 25 years

Vintage “Caddy” forgot in the Parking lot for 25 years

The NYPD evacuated the old abandoned Cadillac sedan, which was thrown on a street in Brooklyn in 1994. The views of local residents regarding this situation divided.

Cadillac, in question, back in the mid 90-ies of the last century left in the Parking lot on Brooklyn street. Judging by the photos published by journalists, the car Packed to the brim of different stuff: old yellowed Newspapers, empty bottles of water and debris.

Housewives who live nearby, happy that the police finally decided to move the car on special Parking. According to them, the new York police Department acted out of security concerns.

Others, however, decided that the district lost in some kind of sights. In particular, one of the locals said that those who do not like the Caddy cannot be called “true brooklynites” as this car is a part of the story.

In January of last year in Edinburgh found a warehouse with cars abandoned for 15 years, robotized Parking. Among the findings was the Austin Maestro, Fiat Uni. And in winter, 2019 in an old farmhouse in Iowa were found saloon Jaguar MK2 that has stood in limbo for about 36 years.

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