Vision Starburst: Cadillac? No, Geely of the Future

Vision Starburst: Cadillac? No, Geely of the Future


The Geely Vision Starburst Concept aims to showcase a new vision for the brand’s design in the digital age. This is the work of Geely Design Shanghai, promoting the Expanding Space philosophy. Inspiration was provided by cosmic processes like the compression of nebulae, clouds of gas, which lead to the birth of new stars.

There is no trace of the former lattice-waterfalls, a new concept – decor with a complex geometric pattern. The same goes for the new light signature.

Intersecting twisted surfaces should give the visual impression of tension, a riot of energy. The light corners of the lanterns mimic the curve of the front navigation lights.

Head of Geely Shanghai Design Center Guy Burgoyne said: “Akin to the birth of a new star, the ideas of our talented team and global designers have come together, merged and realized as the emergence of a new expression.” This style is intended to highlight the manufacturability of the new product. Therefore, the car communicates not only with the driver and passengers, but also with passers-by. For example, the lighting in the wheel arches with various lighting effects signals charging, parking or driving.

The interior with a floating console and a geometric transmission selector is filled with stripes of “cosmic rays”. The lights on the doors, dashboard and dashboard flow smoothly into one another, creating a sense of a cabin without borders.

Lighting effects are also conceived in the cabin, with different types of lighting, as well as sound, switching depending on the state of the car or the driving mode. The concept also outlines the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintelligently and discreetly integrating radars, lidars and cameras into the vehicle with an eye to the future proliferation of autonomous driving. The company clarifies that the concept does not foreshadow any specific Geely model, but the design elements tried out here will be seen in future vehicles of the brand.

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