Volkswagen abandons the “mechanics”

Volkswagen abandons the “mechanics”


Hand boxes will eventually move to “robots” and “automatic machines”. The terms of the complete refusal of the Volkswagen brand from the “mechanics” have already been named. There will be no three-pedal models in 2030 and the phase-out of manual transmissions will begin in 2023.

There will be no manual transmission on the Tiguan and Passat. Now almost 40% of Volkswagen have “mechanics”. In most cases, the manual gearbox will be replaced by a preselective DSG “robot”, options with basic “automatic” with a torque converter are not excluded.

Now in Germany, 5,838 specifications of passenger cars are offered, with a manual transmission available on 1,870 cars, which is a third of all production. At the moment, the Volkswagen brand remains one of the adherents of the traditional transmission.

It should be noted that in this case we are talking exclusively about cars, and commercial versions of trucks, minibuses and minivans Volkswagen can keep the manual transmission after 2030.

Almost all car segments from budget subcompacts to supercars are now ditching manual transmissions. In 2020, Mercedes-Benz completely abandoned the “mechanics” on passenger models; in 2021, Aston Martin followed suit. The manual versions of Ferrari and Lamborghini have long been abandoned.

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