Volkswagen and its autopilot of the future

Volkswagen and its autopilot of the future


Volkswagen believes that software plays a key role in the development of chassis and steering systems for the autopilots of the future, and these are the systems that German engineers are currently working on. The head of the development department Karsten Shebsdat told what has already been done in this area, what remains to be done, and how these technologies will be further introduced into production vehicles.

According to Shebsdat, engineers have already succeeded in minimizing pitch and roll body roll, as well as significantly improving dynamic performance through faster steering response and refined handling.

“This development was another step towards a high level of autopilot, – he added. “We strive to make any trip as comfortable as possible for passengers.”

As for the new electronic steering system, Volkswagen envisions the software to provide unique features to different models based on the same platform.

“With the launch of the components into series production, this steering system will take the functionality of assistance systems such as Lane Assist and Travel Assist to a new level,” explained Shebsdat.

Two years ago Volkswagen announced that it would invest $ 2.6 billion in software development for UAVs, and later, in 2020, the volume of investments increased to 73 billion euros.

The head of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, predicts that in 5-10 years the technologies used in autonomous cars will be perfect enough to bring such cars to the market. In addition, it will spur the development of artificial intelligence.

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