Volkswagen Arteon: offroad wagon and “evil” liftback

Volkswagen Arteon: offroad wagon and “evil” liftback


The wagon will be offered with off-road body kit, the liftback will tweak the design, plus it will get “charged” R-version. A new modification of the flagship of the German mark will enter the market, probably before the end of this year.

That Arteon will turn into a wagon, became known in 2018, i.e. one year after the premiere of the liftback. The first shots of the “barn” posted at the beginning of 2020, they were made in China, the factory of Volkswagen and FAW joint venture. Now the wagon’s caught on the roads of China, recent photos published on the forum of the local newspaper Autohome. We will remind, in China the Volkswagen CC is called the liftback and Combi version there probably will assign some sonorous console.

New images capture the universal and camouflage, and without it, but in both cases, photospin caught cross-version, its features unpainted plastic kit on the perimeter of the body coupled with the chrome accents, plus roof rails. Meanwhile, former “the barn” lit up in Europe, so “old-world” option was no rails, no black plastic. However, the Europeans will certainly offer cross-universal (but unlikely with a lot of glittery accents, this is purely Chinese “chip”), in China the emergence of basic “piatigorski” is open to question – this car there hasn’t gotten one yet.


In China the universal will probably be equipped with the same engine as the liftback Volkswagen CC: this is a petrol “turboservice” 2.0 TSI EA888 series power 186 or 220 HP, which is paired with a seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches. Unlike the global Arteon available with all-wheel drive 4Motion, Volkswagen CC Chinese is only a front, so universal, there is unlikely to get a version with 4WD. In the European market liftback today presented with petrol “four” 2.0 TSI (190 or 272 HP) and diesel 2.0 TDI (150, 190 or 240 HP), both combined with the 7DSG.

Also on the forum Autohome showed pictures plastered masking tape Volkswagen CC. Apparently, together with the universal brand will present the redesigned liftback – he at least change the bumpers. In addition, in April at the nürburgring took a picture of the “charged” liftback Arteon R with an aggressive body kit. It is unknown what motor got a “pyatidverka”. It is not excluded that Arteon R received a 333-strong “turboservice” 2.0 hot Golf R. But there is also another version of the liftback could detach a twin-turbo 3.0 VR6 with a return of 400 HP (or more).

Universal updated the liftback and “charged” modification of R, most likely, will present this year.

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