Volkswagen Beetle said goodbye with the song of The Beatles

Volkswagen Beetle said goodbye with the song of The Beatles


The company Volkswagen has officially said goodbye to Beetle, releasing will videotribute called The Last Mile (the Last mile). The video shows the main stages of the life of the owner of a “Beetle”, the soundtrack for which was the cover version of famous songs of the Beatles “Let It Be” performed by students of the music school Pro Musica Youth Chorus.


Animation created in collaboration with new York ad Agency Johannes Leonardo, tells the story of a boy, the main events in life which are somehow connected with Volkswagen Beetle. Hero video Matures, acquires its own family, raise children, and finally becomes old. By this time the world has changed: developing green energy and gaining popularity of electric cars. The transformation of the industry is confirmed by the words: “where one road ends, another begins”.

Volkswagen Beetle – one of the most recognizable cars in history. In the classical form without a significant change in design and layout it on a conveyor belt lasted 65 years, from 1938 to 2003. In 1998 began production of the New Beetle with a front engine. In 2012 entered the market-new model on the platform of the Jetta, and in the fall of 2018, the Volkswagen group made the decision about the termination of its production.

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