Volkswagen began production of components for electric car ID.3

Volkswagen began production of components for electric car ID.3

Production serial ID.3 has already begun at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau and covered the whole complex of the enterprises of the concern.

It became known that Volkswagen has started global production of components for the electric vehicle ID.3 in almost all the plants included in the structure of the Volkswagen Group Components.

So the actuator is supplied to the main enterprise for the production ID.3 in Zwickau factory in Kassel, in Hesse plant supplies colleagues rotors and stators. Plant in Brunswick develops and manufactures a system of batteries on other sites is made by casting other components.

Volkswagen is putting a special emphasis on production logistics, to show the readiness of the group to serious challenges, if the demand for electric car will meet the expectations of the company.

It is known that some enterprises, in particular plant battery systems in Brunswick is designed to produce 2 000 units per day. The same figures announce for plants for the production of rotors and stators in Hesse, and the factory in Kassel for the production of electric drives in cooperation with partner company in China can produce 1.4 million drives annually.