Volkswagen brought to the tests of the new T7

Volkswagen brought to the tests of the new T7


Spy photos of a test model have appeared on the Network.

Volkswagen fans looking forward to the emergence of modern Mircobus, but it is not only the van, which is a German company. Photospin captured new Transporter seventh generation during road tests.

Updated the Volkswagen van T7 has an evolutionary design and features a classic hood. In addition, the prototype is missing the Volkswagen logo, and among the changes it is necessary to note the more subtle lights.


The massive grille T6.1 has been removed in favor of a more compact design, which can be distinguished even under heavy camouflage. Additional details are hard to see, but under the logo of the brand is the slim inlet.

The rear of the van has a square design that is instantly recognizable. However, there are a few changes, including new side mirrors, and the roof was a big spoiler. The rear door model has become more compact, and also note the redesigned rear lights and an updated bumper.

While information about the new T7 is extremely small, but it is expected that it will be offered with several options of diesel engines. Non-excluded also the appearance of a hybrid version or all-electric option.

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