Volkswagen chief reveals timing of driverless cars

Volkswagen chief reveals timing of driverless cars


One of the first robotic cars of the German group will be the Artemis from Audi.

Self-driving cars will enter the market around 2025-2030, Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess told the business magazine Wirtschaftswoche. It is quoted by the publication Automotive News Europe.

According to the top Manager, by this time the performance of computers will have improved so much that Autonomous control systems will be able to cope even with difficult road situations. Developments in the field of artificial intelligence will also contribute to the commercial launch of drones, said the head of the VW group.

At the end of last year, a new division – Car.Software-appeared in the structure of the German concern. It is a separate organization, completely focused on creating software and new online services for cars. Its goal is to increase the share of proprietary SOFTWARE in Volkswagen vehicles from less than 10 percent to at least 60 percent by 2025. Among other things, the findings of this company will be used for the project Artemis-an advanced Autonomous electric car Audi. At the same time, the latter was reported that it will appear in 2024.

Last month, Volkswagen announced an increase in investment in technology for electric and driverless cars from 60 to 73 billion euros.

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