Volkswagen “decorated” electric ID.R for a new record

Volkswagen “decorated” electric ID.R for a new record

The company Volkswagen came up with for electric sport prototype ID.R new livery. In this form, the coupe will pass on the serpentine, known as “the Road of 99 turns”, the summit of Tianmen mountain and attempt to set a new record.

Attempt to set a new record scheduled for September of this year. As planned, the Volkswagen ID.R needs max to drive fast on a winding road leading to the top of Tianmen mountain, and improve the current record of 9 minutes 51 seconds, which belongs to the Range Rover Sport SVR. The length of the serpentine – 11.3 km difference in altitude of 1100 meters.

The color of the livery, probably chosen by chance. In Chinese culture red is often associated with good fortune and luck.


Over the past year, Volkswagen ID.R set three records are absolutely different in their parameters track. In the summer of 2018 he became the fastest car in the history of “pikes Peak”: the French racer Romain Dumas by as much as 16 seconds improved record Sebastien Loeb and Peugeot 208 T16. In June 2019, the ID.R received the title of the fastest electric cars of the Nurburgring, and after a month broke the 20-year record in speed climbing the hill of the Festival of speed at Goodwood.

In the current configuration of Volkswagen ID. R equipped with two electric motors with total capacity of 680 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. It can accelerate to “hundreds” for 2.25 seconds and reach a top speed of 270 kilometers per hour.