Volkswagen get rid of the crossovers?

Volkswagen get rid of the crossovers?


Such information can be considered almost official decision as it comes from one of the leaders of the brand.

German auto giant Volkswagen may soon revise its model range in the direction of reducing the number of cars. This statement was made by the head of Department of research and development of the brand Frank Welch. Specific models were not named, however, it became known that we are talking about the crossovers – such information shared the authoritative edition of “Autocar”. Today the model range of the brand includes 14 different SUVs. In the opinion of management of the company, it will be enough and 10.


The thing is that some models take buyers from one another, that does not increase total sales, costs of production are rising.

Frank Welsh said that Volkswagen focus on the development and production of successful models, while not naming specific names. At the moment, one thing is clear – the reduction will affect cars that have been built on the “cart” MQB. Instead, the lineup will be a modern electric Volkswagen ID.

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